Closing Date: 2nd February 2018

Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd
Principal Automotive Cybersecurity Engineer (KXR/RSE/LJWI)

Salary: 0.00

Job Responsibilities

  • Perform technical security assessment, cybersecurity implementation and vulnerability testing to highlight mitigation methods and ensure the delivery of secured autonomous vehicles
  • Work with a team of Robotics Engineers to design and develop proactive means¬†¬†
  • Review and understand cybersecurity specifications and evaluate them in the context of vehicle systems and customer applications
  • Perform technical security assessments, code audits and design reviews
  • Provide design and development support relating to the integration of cybersecurity requirements into vehicle systems
  • Develop technical solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities
  • Support in relevant cybersecurity research and development
  • Support cybersecurity integration and implementation
  • Develop and maintain tools for use in vehicle penetration testing
  • Understand security roadmap of suppliers and capabilities of current technology
  • Develop supporting documentation to promote security solution
  • Assist to improve cybersecurity awareness and build up cybersecurity competency in the organisation
  • Attend internal and external training and relevant industry events
  • Respond to security events and provide incident response investigation as required

Knowledge/ Skills/ Competencies Required (if applicable)
  • Masters/Degree in Electrical/Software/Computer Engineering, Computer Science
  • 3+ years of experience in security protocols and cryptographic development, hardware / software development
  • 3+ years of experience in application-level vulnerability testing / code-level security auditing preferred
  • 2+ years of experience in Automotive Cybersecurity domain preferred
  • Ability to perform software development independently
  • Strong background in microcontroller hardware and embedded, real-time driver software development, including security related implementations
  • Knowledge of standard cryptographic algorithms, protocols and best practices
  • Detailed technical knowledge of security engineering, computer and network security, authentication, security protocols and applied cryptography
  • Knowledge of use of network analyser, threat modeling and penetration testing tools
  • Knowledge in automotive communication (CAN, LIN, Ethernet) software design and implementation preferred
  • Knowledge of digital and wireless communication encryption and security implementation preferred
  • Strong background in penetration testing and tools preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Cooperative team player and self-motivated

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